Planning a “hassle-free” move

One month before you move

  • Notify landlord of you move (if applicable)
  • Contact phone company to organise reconnection/installation of a line in your new property
  • Inform Gas and Electrical companies that you will be the new owner of the property.
  • Start collecting Packing Materials.
  • Organise time off work for when you plan to move.
  • Have a clear out and start packing – it’s never too early!

2 Weeks before your move

  • Book Removalist – the earlier you book, the more likely you will get the time and date you require for your move.
  • If necessary, arrange transit insurance for the move.
  • Inform appropriate institutions of your Change of Address. ie. Mobile Phone Company, Medicare, Banks, Insurance etc
  • Inform the Post Office of your move and organise a redirect service, if required, from the date of your move.
  • Organise for a family member or friend to look after your kids and pets while the move is happening.
  • Contact your new Council and make sure any pet registrations are transferred over.
  • Make a plan of new home and decide which rooms will be used for what. It can make it easier for you and the removalists if you know where you want things to go in your new home.

1 Week Left before the removalist comes

  • Arrange for any final bills to be paid.
  • Cancel any services, e.g. gardener, milkman, newspaper delivery.
  • Confirm arrangements with utility companies.
  • Arrange the exchange of keys. Collect your new keys as soon as possible.
  • Find some old blankets to put down in new house to protect carpets.
  • Make map of new property for the removal company.
  • Start cleaning the house.
  • Continue Packing, remembering to label your boxes.

The day before your furniture removal

  • Finalise your packing.
  • Pack a container or carton for emergency supplies.
  • Defrost Fridge/Freezer.
  • Finish cleaning the house.

The day of your furniture removal

  • Load items you are taking with you on the trip, including luggage.
  • Check the inventory to be sure that you agree with the removalist on number of items.
  • Search every room before the van leaves.
  • Disconnect any remaining appliances.
  • Have one last final check.
  • Close and lock doors and windows.